Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Christmas

We have a tradition of letting the kids open one present on Christmas Eve.

It's always pajamas, but I always pretend like it could be anything.

This year was no exception.

Dax NEVER wears the pajamas I get for him. For last couple of years I've just re-wrapped unworn pajamas from the past.

But I still got tired of him not wearing them, so this year I decided to do something that I was sure would get him to wear the pajamas he opened on Christmas Eve.

I wrapped his pajamas from that morning!!

The kids had wanted to open their pajamas that morning instead of having to wait.

Side note: My kids absolutely love their pajamas and would wear them non-stop if it was allowed.

But, since Dax still had his pajamas on, I had to wait for him to get dressed and get preoccupied so that I could wrap his pajamas.

I know! Brilliant, right?

Okay. On to Christmas.....

My parents and Dax's parents came Christmas Eve so that they could be there for all of the excitement on Christmas morning.

Santa was good to the kids since they're such good kids.

 Here's the aftermath of all those gifts:

After opening gifts, we spent the remainder of the day eating too much and complaining about how full we were while we looked for something else to eat. lol

I hope y'all had a great Christmas too!!

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Beth said...

I love that you wrapped Dax's pajamas he wore that morning! Hilarious!

My Julia also got a giant sock monkey. He is taller than she is, but it is adorable how much she loves him. He is named Maz and she throws him over her shoulder and carts him everywhere with her. So cute!

Looks like it was a very merry Christmas!!