Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Coffee anyone?

My children seem to have found a new obsession. I hope they move through this one quickly.

It all started because my coffee pot died. Well, it wasn't officially dead, but taking at least an hour and a half to make a pot of coffee gets it close enough to death for me to pronounce it dead.

So, when my Mom asked what 'we' would like for our anniversary I told her that I would love a Keurig coffee maker but that I didn't know what the other half of 'we' wanted. And, since he didn't contribute to the conversation (although he wasn't even a part of it) then I won by default. Hahaha!

Anyway, my parents gave us the Keurig along with about 100 coffee packs for it. When I finally got around to setting the whole thing up this past weekend, the kids went nuts over it.

That's Abigail and Wyatt sitting on the porch on Sunday morning. Apparently they are avid coffee fans.

Who knew?

I can't believe they were even able to sleep at all this weekend. I think that on Sunday alone they each had about four cups of coffee and maybe a couple of hot chocolates thrown in for good measure.

I have to get up before they do so I can even have a cup of coffee myself. And I think every coffee cup in my house is dirty at the moment, because apparently you can't drink two cups of coffee from the same cup.

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