Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I can't believe that my babies have turned 13!!

Where have the years gone?

And how can we suddenly have a house full of teenagers?

They got money for their birthday so we spent the day out shopping yesterday.

Well, the girls and I shopped. Dax and Wyatt mostly waited around on us.

The girls hit all kinds of stores and 'You're Welcome' to Bath & Body Works.......yesterday's sales numbers should be way up after Addison's visit.

After all of the shopping we went out to eat, then hit one last store, and headed home.

I think they all had a great day. After we got home, the girls tried on their new clothes and then painted their nails with the new stuff they bought. Once the adrenalin wore off, they crashed and were in bed before 9:30.

Wyatt used his money to buy and Xbox so I don't know how late he stayed up playing, but he was all smiles.

Me. I just can't believe that they are already thirteen and how fast these years have gone. Wow!

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Beth said...

Happy Birthday Abigail, Addison, Kirsten and Wyatt! (not sure of birth order, so I just went alphabetical.)

You have four teenagers?!?! I cannot imagine. It sounds like they all enjoyed their day. Good luck with the teen years. Let us know what lies ahead!