Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time Flies

Wow! I can't believe has fast the days go by. All of a sudden a week has gone by and I haven't posted a thing.

We have something going on almost every day and yet none of it seems like the kinds of things that might be of interest to anyone. lol

I took Wyatt back to the doctor yesterday. His knee is still really swollen and still sore to the touch, but the doctor said that's because it has not completely healed yet. However, the knee cap is firmly back in place and not still sliding around. Woohoo! He unlocked the brace and he starts physical therapy three days a week for the next four weeks. We go back to the doctor in three weeks and he hopes to switch to a smaller, lighter brace.

I was glad for the outcome at the doctor's office because I was really worried that his knee was still so swollen. I'm glad that things are healing and on schedule.

Addison's soccer team is on fire one game and just there to watch (or so it seems) at the next. Consistency is certainly not their strong point. They've played some pretty aaggressive teams already and these are all girls 13 and under. I hope they calm down by the time they get more advanced since they'll also get bigger. At Saturday's game on of the girls from the other team managed to hurt at least 4 girls in the course of the game and 2 of them were on her own team. It's just crazy sometimes. I think the boys play with less aggression than that and they play a much more physical game than the girls. It's just crazy!

This week is homecoming week and all the silliness that goes a long with it. Yesterday was crazy sock day. Abigail wore fuzzy toe socks with monkeys. Today is camo day but we didn't have any. (Oops! But don't tell anyone or we may not be allowed to continue to live out in the country.) I don't know what all of the other days are but Friday is twin day. Abigail was complaining this morning that she didn't have anyone to be twins with and then Addison said she didn't either. I just said, 'Really? You're standing about 3 feet apart and you can't figure this one out?' lol I think they might be 'twins' for Friday. But luckily I won't have to go to any great lengths to pull that one off. lol

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