Monday, October 10, 2011

An honor for Kirsten

I don't think that I have posted on Kirsten.  A couple of weeks ago we got a letter in the mail from the school counselor. Of course panic that something is wrong is the first reaction, but, thankfully, this was a good letter.

Kirsten has been invited to participate in a Duke University program. They call it a talent search, but it's geared toward the 'gifted and talented' students. They look at scores for the standardized tests. We're very proud that she was chosen.

As part of the program, she'll be taking the ACT test in December. She will also receive help and guidance from Duke University on class selection in high school, there are opportunities for distance learning and summer programs, and when it's time for her to start applying to college they'll give her guidance on that process too.

It sounds like a really great thing to be involved in and she's pretty excited about being she should be!!

In other news, not much else has changed. Still juggling activities and school work. Wyatt goes back to the doctor next week and we'll see what the next step is then. I'm a little concerned because his knee is still awfully swollen, but he's not in pain so I guess that's good. We're keeping our fingers crossed that everything is on track and healing up like it should be. He's been great about doing what the doctor told him too and not whining about it. Although, he did say over the weekend that when he gets the brace off he's going to 'live his life to the fullest', whatever that means. lol

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Rachel said...

Way to go Kirsten! What an honor to be chosen for such an awesome program!