Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crazy Busy

We've been so busy. I only wish I could say that when this week is over and the kids are out of school that it will get better, but it really won't.

Oh well, as the saying goes......keep calm and carry on.

On Sunday Addison's soccer team had their end-of-season party. (There's much drama on that front, but I'm trying to just stay out of it.) The girls had decided that they wanted to go ice skating. I'm glad they had the party when they did, because it happened to be at the same rink and right before Wyatt's skating class. Woohoo! I'm all for things coming together like that.

Addison had a great time even though she wound up with a big bruise on her knee from someone else knocking her down. Wyatt.....not so much.

It's hard to see in this picture (he wouldn't let me get a good one) but he fell and banged the side of his face up pretty good. There was some missing skin (I'm assuming it stuck to the ice) and some bruising. He was working on sliding to a side-ways stop and lost his balance. And this was before his class even started, he was skating earlier to practice.

On Monday night Addison, Abigail, and  Wyatt had their first band concert. The band did a really good job. I know they were nervous, but it all worked out. The band is pretty big and none of my kids were in a spot where we could see them so I didn't get any pictures. Oh, well.

Today they start taking their mid-term exams. This is a first for them so I guess we'll see how it goes. Just this morning they were complaining that there aren't Christmas parties anymore, just finals. Welcome to growing up!

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Angela said...

Have a merry Crhistmas! Bruises and all!