Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The big stage show......

Dax was running a little late yesterday when it was time to pick the kids up from school. In his haste to get out of the office he left his house keys on his desk.

Of course he realised this as soon as he got home and started looking for his keys to unlock the front door.

He called me at the office and I left early to go unlock the house for them. It was no big deal because I was going to have to leave early anyway because Kirsten had a choir performance.

When I got home the kids were scattered, still looking for ways to get into the house. Except for Abigail. She said it was too cold in the car so she was trying to stay warm with the cat's bed.

That looks much warmer, right?

Then we got bundled up to go to Kirsten's choir performance at the Trail of Lights.

She had to be there early, so the rest of us had a chance to wander around and look at some of the displays.

 The three amigos.....

Santa's helpers.......

Then we made it back to the stage for the choir performance......

After her performance we looked around a little longer.

I thought this tree was really neat!

Here's an up-close picture so you can see what it was made of.

All in all it was a good night. It was cold but fortunately it wasn't windy. Being on the top of the hill in the cold and wind is just miserable, but last night was good.

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