Thursday, October 7, 2010

The joys of Jr. High

I was nervous about the kids starting junior high. I probably started fretting about it about halfway through the school year last year. lol

There have been the expected growing pains. You know the ones, the kids trying to push the boundaries to see where things stand. But, that's expected. It seems to come around every couple of years. At this age, though, it'll probably just be a constant until about age...... hmmmm...........I don't know..........25?

But what I wasn't expecting was the change in language.

Dax and I don't swear/curse around our children, and didn't even when they were babies. So, it was much to my surprise to hear Kirsten call Wyatt a douche bag. (I know that's not a curse word, but still.)

I was even more taken aback the next day when Wyatt called Addison a bitch.


I'm not even sure what to say about that.

I mean, with Kirsten I just really grossed them all out by explaining what a douche bag really was. By the time I was done, I think she wanted to vomit.

But, explaining to Wyatt what people mean when they call someone else a bitch would only make him feel like he'd used the word correctly.

Instead, I told him that he's not allowed to call his sisters anything that he's not willing to say to my face. That comes with it's own worry of the day that happens. Ugh!

I also reminded him that I can still get him on the ground so he's not too big for me to wash his mouth out with soap. I just wonder how much longer that threat might make a difference.

We're only a couple of months into school. What, pray tell, will the rest of the year bring?

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