Monday, October 11, 2010

Big weekend

We had a pretty important weekend around our house.

Friday night was the big homecoming game. Our team won (sixty something to zero is what I heard.)

But more importantly.........the big homecoming dance afterward!!

(Does anyone remember the name of a cheesy movie from the 80's where everything was 'the big' blah, blah, blah? Like 'the big parade', 'the big game', etc. It was a really silly movie but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it.)
So, this is the first year for our kids to be able to attend the dance. Now that they're in Jr. High.

Kirsten had a friend over, so those two plus Abigail, got ready at our house.

(I didn't want to include Kirsten's friend without her parents' permission.)

Anyway, after much primping and clothes changing they were happy with their looks so I dropped them off at the dance.

While I was talking to some other parents there, Addison and the friend she was spending the night with saw me and asked if they could change into their dance clothes in the back of the car (the windows in our suburban are tinted really dark). I said yes and drove to the back corner of the parking lot so they could change. That's when Addison realized she didn't have anything but sneakers with her. They wouldn't go with her dress at all!! lol

We don't live far from the school so I told her we could just run home and she could get another pair of shoes. Her friend went inside to tell her mom what we were doing, but then they wouldn't let her back out of the dance (for safety reasons) so I took Addison home and then back to the dance. She was 30 minutes late to the dance, her friend was afraid that I was going to be mad at her, and lots of teen girl drama was had. In the end though, it all worked out and the girls had fun.

Wyatt decided to stay at home and watch wrestling.

Yeah..........I know.

On Saturday, Addison had a soccer game.

Her team won 3-0.

Addison got hit in the face with a ball that had just been kicked. Hard!

It hit her in the face, her glasses flew off, and she went down.

It was a little scary, but she's fine. Her right eye was a little puffy yesterday, but she looked fine today.

And, she kept the other team from scoring.

I did advise her not to block with her face anymore.

I don't think she appreciates my humor.

I'm just going on record that I'm not ready for dances, romance, or sports injuries. Where did my babies go?

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MaryAnne said...

Oh wow, they grow up so fast! I'm already getting worried, realizing my oldest starts kindergarten next fall!