Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting ready for school.......

I've bought all the school supplies and passed them out accordingly.

The back packs are ready to go.

That just means it was time for the real back to school preparations.

On Saturday morning the girls and I headed to the salon. I let them look through the books and make their own choices for hairstyles.

Addison played it really safe and picked one that mostly looked like her hair already did. She mostly just got it layered a little on the bottom.

I don't have a picture of her because after about 10 failed attempts, I finally gave up. lol

Abigail got her hair a little shorter with layers.

She's having a bit of 'buyer's remorse' though because she likes Kirsten's new hairstyle. I think she'll probably be a little more daring the next time we go.

Kirsten's choice was the most dramatic change.

It doesn't look it here, but it's much shorter than it was.

She was very nervous for her Dad to see it and spent much of the day contemplating ways to avoid seeing him. Unfortunately, our house isn't big enough to get away with that.

But, after he saw it, and after he screamed, fainted, and regained conciousness, he told her that he thought it was cute.

Now the test is just to see if the hair gets done each morning before school.

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