Thursday, July 9, 2009

Passed the class

On Tuesday I went and took the class required to get a concealed carry license. It starts with a shooting portion and then moves on to the classroom part. Here's the silhouette that I brought home to show Dax.

You may notice that they're all pretty good shots - if I do say so myself. :0)

Well, Dax didn't buy it for a minute. It's not the silhouette that I shot, it's actually a practice target that the teacher (who is a friend that's also named Dax - if you can believe that) had shot and saved for me just to take home for the sole purpose of giving Dax a hard time. It's good to have friends. lol

I did pass in case you're wondering.

In other news, I sat in traffic for 20 minutes on the way into work this morning. (I live in a small town and drive to an only slightly bigger town so traffic is not EVER a problem.) This was why.

Someone's truck caught on fire. It burned really hot, the tires were melted off. They were pulling a trailer with a truck on it too. Fortunately the fire didn't spread back to the trailer. It was a really big deal, there were about 8 police cars and the two fire trucks. I'm sure they needed the two fire trucks just for the water in them but I'm not so sure why they needed 8 police cars. Most of us were there waiting in traffic before the fire trucks even got there. Scary stuff!

It's really lucky, though--I'm sure they don't think so--that none of the grass around it caught on fire. It's so dry here that a grass fire could have gotten out of control in a big hurry.

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