Monday, July 6, 2009

Animal party

We had a couple of parties at our house over the weekend. Wyatt had a party for one of his stuffed animals (a second birthday.) Addison helped host the party and none of the rest of the family was invited. Only our stuffed animals were allowed at the party and were returned to us later complete with goodie bags. [I have it on good authority that my little cocker spaniel is being courted by a pig.] The party was complete with freshly made brownies, drinks, and games (pin the head on batman.)

So of course Abigail scheduled a party for one of her stuffed animals. For her party there were white chocolate cream filled red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (this is just proof that if I were to stay home every day the whole family might have a weight problem) handmade party hats for all of her animals, and party games too.

I was invited to this party so was able to snap some pictures.

We were making pinatas for both parties but didn't get them finished in time. (And the mess from those? What was I thinking?!) Hopefully we'll get them finished soon so that I can get the mess cleaned up and they can whack them little bits and pieces.

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Anonymous said...

The things we do to make memories! I am sure that having a party for their animal friends ranks right up there!