Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 3rd of July

It's Market Days here in Wimberley on Saturday so we're celebrating the 4th a day ahead. While I understand this concept for the parade in the morning I am a little lost on the fireworks later tonight. Market Days will be long over by then so it shouldn't be a problem to do them on the 4th. But, as always, nobody asked what I thought about any of it.

I woke the kids up early so they could go to breakfast with Dax & I and we would be in a prime parade viewing location early (which is very unlike us). Addison slept in Wyatt's room and here's what I found when I opened the door to wake them.

She's sleeping on a trunk with a chair pulled close to rest her head in. During breakfast she did tell me that it was an uncomfortable way to sleep and she would never suggest it to anyone. Hmmm. Who would have guessed?

After breakfast we still had about an hour or so to wait until the parade started. The kids were just really wound up and excited about the parade. It was hard to keep them calm until it was under way. See:

Their excitement is sometimes a little overwhelming. I'm sure you can see what I mean.

But, the parade finally got started and it was good. It was pretty big this year. Here are some of the entries. (The cars are for you Dad!)

Unfortunately they weren't throwing steaks, just candy.

This is the float that the Boy Scouts built for their entry into the parade. I'm feeling pretty certain that they won first place for that float. They even had dry ice smoke coming from the back.

He had a sign on his bike that said 'King of Pop' and a boom box playing Michael Jackson songs. This picture doesn't do his sequenced pants justice!

This one was shaped like a jet. Pretty funny.

So there you have it. All of the parade high lights and you didn't even have to sit in the sweltering heat to see it. Aren't you sorry you missed it?

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