Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Last night the 4th & 5th graders had a concert at school. A recorder concert!!

It was really fun and the kids really enjoyed it. (Wyatt was there but not in any of the pictures because he was hidden behind the teacher.) Although, I have to admit that during the first song I had to turn my head the other way because it was so awful that I got the giggles and I didn't want them to see me laughing. I made Dax take the video camera and tape it though because I felt like the grandparents should have to suffer, uhm, I mean get to enjoy it just like we did. To give you an idea of what this was like, when they practice at home the cat bites them. lol

I do notice though that there are usually only of handful of kids that participate in these types of activities and it's always the same kids. Kinda' sad.

On another note, last night at dinner Wyatt was talking about in PE that he would have been one of the top 5 runners but he slowed down to let someone else in front of him. The reason....because if he was one of the top 5 he would have to do special things to work harder at improving that thing he was good at!! GAAH!! There's nothing like having your son point out that he's underachieving on purpose. *sigh*

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the wild raspberry said...

i remember those days of squeeks and squeels...i get shivers just thinking of it!
thanks for stopping over....made me giggle :)