Monday, October 27, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Well, I guess that's the excuse I'm going to use for not posting anyway.

We have been very busy since school started.

It's soccer season so we spend a lot of our weekends watching this...

....and this.....

But there have been all kinds of other things thrown in the mix too.

Wyatt is in theater and they've already completed one performance. He chose the Children's Theater so they performed for the elementary school students. He has a good time with it and it's good for the young kids, too.

Addison and Abigail are both in FFA. They recently held their biggest fundraiser of the year which is a wild game dinner and an auction. The girls had to work at the dinner, but my parents came to help me eat the food, and it was good. Here's some of the quail cooked on the pit.

I think they raised over $15,000 that night. It all goes back into the program so it's well worth the money spent.

Kirsten is busy with Show Choir again this year. They currently practice one morning before school (which is way too early if you ask me) and one afternoon after school. They will be performing at the elementary school one day this week. Then Friday, for Halloween, they'll be performing the time warp at the high school pep rally. Kirsten will be the part of Janet. We spent some time on Saturday getting her costume made for the part. I think she'll have fun.

Addison is also on the debate team. They have practice almost everyday after school for that. Then two days a week she leaves there to head to soccer practice. Those make for very long days. A couple of weekends ago she went to compete in her first competition. She came in 5th place. That's not too bad considering that she chose not to compete in the novice division and went up against contestants that had been competing for awhile. She got some pretty good feedback from the judges too. I think the biggest strike against her was that it was obvious that she was nervous. Oh well, there are many more competitions to come.

In addition to all of that, we've started with the parent taught driver's education. Wish us luck!! I'm so not ready for this!!

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