Thursday, October 30, 2014

The fun never stops!

On Saturday, while Kirsten and I made her costume for Friday's performance, Dax took the other three kiddos to ice skate.

He got them all set up and watched them skate for awhile, and then walked down to the music store. As it so often happens, while he was gone, Addison fell and cut her chin open. It wasn't bad (not as bad as the guy that was busy showing off when he fell, cut his chin open, bled all over the ice, and they had to stop the skating while they cleaned his blood off the ice.) She said it made her face hurt because every time she talked or smiled she could feel it.

Once they left there, they headed over to an elementary school Fall Festival where Addison was volunteering to help. They stayed there for about an hour or so, but they didn't really have much for Addison to do so they let her go home early.

On Sunday we were back out at the soccer fields. Getting there was a huge mess. The fields are new and are not on everyone's GPS on their phones. Two or three girls managed to get there with no trouble, but the rest of the team was lost. The team usually tries to get there an hour before the game start time, but the bulk of the team didn't arrive until about 5 minutes before game time. As it was, there were enough girls out that Addison's team didn't have any subs. It was a really physical game and as girls got hurt and had to sit down for a few minutes, they played with two less people on the field than a full team. Addison played hard but complained with having a headache.

Well, her headache lasted throughout the night on Sunday and all day Monday. I was suspecting that she might have gotten a concussion when she fell on the ice on Saturday. Then, on Tuesday she texted me that her head was hurting worse and that she was also nauseous. Yikes!! I was certain then that she had a concussion but was concerned that something more was wrong. So, Dax picked her up from school and took her to the doctor. The doctor confirmed the concussion but sent us to get a CT Scan just to be sure that nothing else was going on. The CT Scan came back clean, which is great, and she is to take it easy for a couple of weeks. We'll see if that drives her crazy or not. She's only got two soccer games left in her season so she's a little distraught that she might not get to play. She won't be playing this weekend for sure!

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