Monday, March 10, 2014

Just stopping and taking a deep breath

It's been a busy last couple of weeks. The past week has been crazy busy and emotionally draining. Some days it seems like I need to be in fifteen different places all at the same time. But, I guess that's the life of parent, right?

Addison was in another pageant at the end of February. She was supposed to play in a soccer game in a town several hours away, but that got cancelled. She would have hated to just stay home and let us take it easy for a change, so she went ahead and registered for a pageant.

I guess that was a good thing since she won!

With this win, she will once again be doing a year of service and volunteering. Can't complain about that.

Kirsten is in show choir and was busy with that during the week too. They will be participating in a festival the first weekend in April so she had practice during the week. The group also did a two-day 'camp' for elementary age school children where they taught them a few numbers which they later performed in a show for their parents. She loved it! She enjoys the choir and she really likes working with the younger children.

When I was dropping her off for the camp, Wyatt and Addison were doing this:

(lunch money shake down.....or two smart alecs)
They're such rule breakers!
In other news, my Dad had surgery last week to remove a cancerous prostate. We had planned to be there for the operation, but the weather caused the highway that we would be traveling one to be closed. However, there were some complications and he had to go back into the hospital (where he still is) so three of the kids and I went late Saturday and came back home late last night.
Dax's Mom has a surgery scheduled for later this week, so he'll be heading to Houston to be there with her.
The concern for those we love coupled with the busy-ness of daily life is enough to be exhausting. But then add to that some emotional hurts inflicted by family members that are selfish and uncaring, and it just made for an overwhelming week. I guess the time has come to put some people behind us and move forward. There can only be better things in our future when we let go of those that hold us back and drag us down.


Irene @ FindAuPair said...

It is so nice that you include your kids in your posts! Congratulations for Addison. I think she made you a big surprise. Oh, and I totally agree with the idea of letting go of those who drag us back.

Kara said...

Beauty, brain, and a nice heart