Wednesday, November 6, 2013


First of all, I took Addison back to see the doctor about her knee. We were hoping he would release her to go ahead and get back to soccer and out of rehab, but, sadly, that wasn't what he said at all. She's still doing physical therapy until things are better healed. So we wait.

In the meantime, Dax and the kids had fun carving pumpkins.


Kirsten's (It's the Hunter Hayes logo)


 Abigail's (Her's is a Rottweiler)
Addison got frustrated with hers so just taped some pictures to it.
We weren't sure there would be any Halloween festivities at all. The night before we had heavy rains all night long (about 14 inches) which caused flooding and quite a bit of damage. Here's a part of the road out to our house that got washed off it's base and into the ditch.

But, the water around us receded pretty quickly. The kids got lucky and school was cancelled due to the flooding, so they had a day off.

Addison and her friend Alex volunteered in the haunted house at a local nursing home. Kirsten was the only one that went trick-or-treating. She was a flapper.

All in all it was good.

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