Friday, September 27, 2013

More of the Same

I think we're finally starting to get into the routine of school.

The kids all have a lot of homework everyday. We've already gotten projects for science finished and turned in and books picked out for the papers due in December. We've even been geocaching for extra credit points.

We did get good news on Addison. She did not tear her meniscus. The doctor says that she sprained her LCL and has tendinitis. She's on a single crutch for now, doing a lot of rehab type exercises at school, and keeping it iced down as needed. She still has a lot of pain, but it is a wait-for-it-to-heal kind of injury.

Last Saturday she and I were supposed to work the merchandise stand during the football game (it was the soccer teams night to work) but it was raining and we were supposed to be selling shirts and such and they didn't have any awning to cover us so our services weren't needed. Instead, we sat in the rain and watched the first half of the game.

Addison got sick the first week of school and it has spread through the house and now all the kids have had it. Wyatt and Abigail are holding onto it longer than the other two did. Can't seem to shake those coughs yet. But, hopefully, this means we've taken care of sickness for the year. Hopefully.

Last weekend, Addison had to go to a mall in San Antonio as one of her duties as pageant queen to help out at a Disney Radio event. They were working with young (2-5 years old) kids showing them how to be royalty. It was cute. But because of her knee, the pageant director wouldn't let her do anything but sit at a table and take the raffle tickets that people turned in.

In other breaking news, Kirsten has signed up for show choir at school (think Glee) and is really excited about it. I don't know if they will just perform or if there will actually be competitions. I guess we'll wait and see.

It's been really busy and I'm kind of hoping for a quiet weekend. Since the science projects have been turned in, there shouldn't be a lot of extra kids at my house this weekend so maybe it will happen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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