Sunday, April 14, 2013

OK, that's better....

This week, although crazy busy at the office, was better.

It will be nice for tax day to come and go so that Dax can come home every night. I think he only slept at home three nights this past week! We've been that busy.

The kids are, as always, busy with school and all that goes with it.

Kirsten and Abigail are still working with the kindergarten kids two mornings a week to help them learn to read. It's nice to see them involved and helping, and the fact that they enjoy it is just icing on the cake.

Wyatt started golf practice last week. I haven't seen the schedule yet so don't know when his first tournament will be. Sometime soon he and Dax are going to go shop for clubs for him. Right now he's using the clubs that Dax used in high school! (And we're not even going to get into how old that makes those clubs -- let me just say that technology has changed a little since then.)

Kirsten and Abigail are both playing tennis and have practice several afternoons a week. They have their first tournament coming up on Saturday. I won't get to see it (but Dax will be there) because Addison has a pageant in Austin. She had mercy on me and held off on entering any during tax season.

I took Abigail and Kirsten to the tennis courts to practice one weekend not too long ago so I'll leave you with this quick video of Abigail.

She's a juggling genius!!! You're going to be blown away!

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