Sunday, April 7, 2013

A less than spectacular week....

As I said before, we had a good Easter spent with family. However, it was marred a little for the children when they received a somewhat snarky email. It's hard to explain to them how someone can tell them that they love them and then do or say hurtful things at the same time. Just another one of life's tough lessons. We've tried to teach them that you can't just rely on what people say, but also to pay attention to how they treat you because it will show you how they really feel. Ugh!

And, Dax has been so busy at work (we're grateful for the business and the faith our clients have in us) that
he's spent more nights sleeping at the office than at home. He's exhausted to say the least.

On Monday, Abigail got hit in the eye with a ball at tennis practice. It swelled up quite a bit and was awfully bloodshot. The swelling went down after a couple of days, but it took all week for the redness to go away. Thank goodness she didn't get a black eye though.

They all had the state standardized tests on Tuesday and Wednesday which they were nervous wrecks about. I think they'll all do fine on them, but there's so much emphasis on these tests that you can't help but freak out a little at the pressure of passing.

Then, yesterday Abigail's dog was not feeling well in the morning. He got worse during the day and while I was dropping Wyatt off at the house (intending to head back into the office) the dog had a seizure. I was on the phone with the vet when it happened so they told us to head right over. Rocky had three more seizures on the way to the office and yet another while they were wheeling him into a room. It was terrible! After many tests, they found that he had gotten into anti-freeze and it was a lethal dose. In order to save him a painful death Abigail and I decided to have him put to sleep. She is heartbroken to say the least. It is so hard as parents for us to see one of our children hurting and knowing there isn't anything we can do to make it better. We're all just trying to love her through it. I know she'll be fine, but she loved that crazy dog so much.

So, we are all hoping and praying for a better week ahead of us.

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