Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Dance

Last night was the Valentine's Dance at the Jr. High.

The theme was Romance in the Orient.

I'm not really sure how much romance there is in the Jr. High cafeteria with the lights on. But, hey, I'm good with lack of romance at school dances.

Only Addison and Abigail decided to go.

(Abigail isn't really taller than Addison,
she just wouldn't quit standing on her toes.)

I must say that when I went to pick them up and got a glimpse of what other girls were wearing, mine looked like Quakers. Wow!! That's really all I can say.

By the way, I'm holding onto all the other attempts at getting a decent picture just in case I need to black mail either of these two children at a later date.

It's always good to have a back up plan, you know.


Beth said...

Your girls are so pretty!!

Yeah, definitely delay any romance as long as possible ;o)

Suzy said...

I am terrified of what girls will be wearing by the time my kids are your kids' age!!!!! I think your girls look beautiful. :)