Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter....Part Deaux

The kids had a lot of fun looking for eggs.

Look good out there in their tennis shoes and pajamas don't they?

But. apparently, it started to rain while the Easter Bunny was hiding the eggs outside so there were eggs in the house as well.

Of course after the egg hunt, we all proceeded to eat way too much and enjoy time spent as a family. It was a really nice day.

Since I had given up sugar for Lent (Dax wants to know why the rest of the family has to suffer for my sacrifice. Maybe that's their sacrifice?), I did my best to eat only things that were heavily laden with sugar.

Maybe, just maybe, I should spend 40+ days eating ONLY things with lots of sugar as a reward for my succesful sacrifice.

Makes perfect sense to me.

And, don't even ask what's going on in this one. It's hard to get a normal picture of Addison. Although, I guess by now this is 'normal' for her.

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