Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More growing pains

It's getting to be time for these to be used by the girls in our house.

And let me tell you, they are not happy about it.

Kirsten is down right ticked off about it. She's upset that she's starting to get hair under her arms and she's going to have to start shaving them. And then of course she'll have to start shaving her legs too. Ugh! (Said with all the attitude of a pre-teen.)

When I talked to Addison about it, she asked why it has to be so hard to become a woman.


I, of course, told her that this is just the beginning. She hasn't seen anything yet. (I'm always one to put their minds at ease.)

Then I reminded her that she would also be getting hair on her 'privates'.

She flipped out at the thought of that.

Addison: Why?! Why would you get hair there? That's just stupid!! What a stupid place for hair! Why would anyone do that?! Who decided that?!

Me: I don't know! I don't know! It wasn't my idea. did you remember to bring your water for soccer practice? (sheesh! wipe the sweat from my brow.)

If they're this upset about hairy armpits and legs, I can't wait for what's yet to come.

Where can I hide?


Quadmama said...

Shaving.. yuck. It is one of my least favorite things to do, yet, I do it. Summer is the worst because I have to do it more often, so I feel their pain! (and yours)

Beth said...

Ugh!!! I can't imagine transitioning these little girls into young ladies! So many 'fun' steps along the way. My mother (who raised 6 daughters) warned me the preteen years with a girl are worse than the teen years with a boy(she had 2 of those). When I tell her I'll have three at once she just laughs and walks away. I wonder what that means?

That's funny. I forgot how shocking hair growth can be!

Angela said...

We've been having the same conversation lately. But I seriously am thinking of trying to wax her legs when we're ready! Maybe my neice will do it for her. She swears that the regrowth is so minimal and when it does come back in it's so soft. Am I crazy?? I think I am. But I wish I would've done it. And I hold my breath everytime my daughter screams and says she need to talk to me in private. I hope AF is many years away! :)