Monday, December 21, 2009

This was never in my plans for the weekend.

Abigail started feeling bad and running a fever on Wednesday night so we kept her home from school on Thursday. By Thursday evening she was much worse so we took her to the clinic in town.

They took her vitals and then wouldn't even see her. They sent us straight to the emergency room so that she could have a chest x-ray done right away.

The doctor at that hospital didn't think much of it and was going to send us home until her oxygen level kept dropping. He decided that without a staff pediatrician that they weren't prepared to treat her. He put her in an ambulance and sent us to the children's hospital in Austin.

That makes for a very scary night. Especially since about 5 years ago we went through a very similar scenario with Abigail and she wound up having to have emergency surgery and being in the hospital for 2 weeks.

Fortunately we caught it earlier this time (I think we would have been in the same boat as before if we had waited until Friday morning to go to the doctor) and she was able to come home on Saturday afternoon.

She scared us for sure, but we're thankful that she's home and doing better every day.

Even her brother and sisters were worried (not that all of them would admit to it!)

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