Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Better than a dog sled

Since we live in a relatively warm climate and don't have much chance of snow we don't ever get the joy of having a ride on a dog sled. I think Abigail's found the answer to this problem.

(Did you notice Abigail's socks? She matched them all by herself.....we're so proud of her. LOL)

In all reality, I don't think he even notices her there. When she's trying to get him to stay beside her and holding onto his collar he just drags her off to do whatever it is he wants to do. Often times she's lying down while he does it.

He's just so goofy!

He had been dragging her around for quite some time but when I got the camera out Abigail was trying not to let him do it anymore. She stops whatever she's doing every time she sees me get the camera out. She's afraid it will end up on my blog.

Where would she ever get that idea?

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