Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a trip

Today is field trip day for the kids. They're headed to the museum in San Antonio to see a special dinosaur exhibit.

It takes a lot of planning (by the girls) to be ready for a field trip. Kirsten spent much time last night finding all the components for this outfit. (There was even an argument with Abigail that must have drug on for 30 minutes or more. All because Abigail wouldn't let Kirsten into her room to look through her clothes to find this shirt)

You tell me. Was it worth all her effort?

Oh, and look, there are those boots again. :0)

When they go on field trips they take sack lunches. The first time they had to take a sack lunch I drew pictures on the bags for them. Well, they loved it and have wanted me to do it since. I really figured that they had outgrown it this year but they asked for them again this morning.

Here they are:

(Warning: I'm NO artist--Abigail could do a much better job on these.)

Abigail's sack - cave man and cave woman

Addison's sack - kids walking by looking at dinosaurs. The dino on the right has grabbed a child.

Wyatt's sack - dinosaur eating a boy - Wyatt asked me if I thought that was appropriate for a school function. lol

Kirsten's sack - school bus with kids being approached by dinosaur.

Lucky kids to have that kind of artwork on their lunch sacks, aren't they?

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