Monday, October 19, 2009

French lessons

So the other night at dinner Dax says to Wyatt "Tell your mom what you told me while we were playing football."

Of course Wyatt has no idea what he's talking about so Dax prods him to tell me what he's learned about French people.

He says, "Did you know that when French people kiss they use their tongues?"

*Yeah, that's probably what I thought too!!*

After I picked myself up off the floor I asked what he meant by that.

He said that when a French mom kisses her son she uses her tongue like this (insert photo of kid licking nothing but air).

I asked if he meant like when the dogs 'kiss' us. He said yes (much to my relief.)

Then under his breath and to himself he pondered whether or not Daisy was French.

I asked where he learned this valuable bit of information.

It was Eric!

Then I asked if perhaps Eric had visited France over the summer and that's how he found out about this.

Wyatt doesn't know.

Well, at least that subject has been diverted for now. Somehow I doubt he'll let me know when he finds out the truth about French kissing.....but I guess I can hope, right?

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