Friday, March 13, 2009

These boots were made for wearing.

So, as a parent when exactly do you step in on your children's 'fashion' choices? I hate to say anything because the girls really do get their feelings hurt pretty easily about their wardrobe choices. But, honestly, some of the things they pick just make me shake my head and giggle. For example, Kirsten LOVES her boots. She has a couple of different pairs and will wear them with anything.

Case in point:

She wears them with shorts (as seen above), with skirts, with capris, and with regular pants (sometimes out, sometimes tucked in). Dax just keeps asking why I let her leave the house like that. I guess I just figure that they're not dressing slutty, or goth, or whatever so it's okay for now. Eventually they'll get better, right?

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Esther said...

Elizabeth does this too, but part of it is cause she doesn't like to wear reg shoes! *roll* but, to add to HER outfit is her desire to wear knee high, strange socks! ;) yeah, sometimes the battle just isn't worth fighting! ;)