Monday, March 9, 2009

Fire at will.....

This weekend Wyatt had a shooting competition with 4H. It was his first competition and quite the learning experience.

His first competition was the 3 position shoot (standing, kneeling, laying down)with a .22. Who knew that in his division the 3P was really only the prone position (laying down)?

I'll tell you who knew, everyone there but us! All these other kids had these super expensive precision .22's made just for these competitions. Don't think he'll be doing this particular one again.

Then we moved on to his next round which was air pistol silhouttes. Who knew that the air pistol had to be pump and had to shoot pellets? Again, everyone there but us. I was able to find someone for him to borrow a gun from and he got a few of the silhouettes but still didn't do so great. The next round was the air pistol bullseye but he decided he didn't even want to compete in it. I can't say that I blame him.

I think next time he'll do the silhouettes with his .22 and maybe we'll buy a .22 pistol and he can do those too. But,man, I'm telling you these people take this stuff SERIOUSLY!

See what I mean?


Tanja said...

That is serious!

Come enter my give-a-way!

Esther said...

are you guys doing it all on your own? his leader should've been telling you all this stuff!!! & man, i didn't think it was such an expensive "hobby"!