Monday, January 9, 2017

Fun at Disney

We spent a week in Florida and 5 days at Disney for our vacation. It was Kirsten's turn to choose the vacation destination, and nobody was surprised that she picked Disney.

We spent pretty much all day everyday at the parks. I think we hit them all. Although, when we were at Epcot it rained quite a bit which shut down many of the attractions.

This poor girl got so sick while we were there. She felt terrible on this day. I think the next day we went to Animal Kingdom and she felt too bad to even make it. It really sucks to be on the vacation of a life time and not be able to enjoy it.


Someone was very excited to get his very own Chewbacca mug at lunch.

We even had dinner with the princesses. Kirsten was so excited to get to go inside of Cinderella's castle.

But this was on the day that Abigail was so sick, so Avery went in her place. Who can blame him? He got to hang out with princesses and have a great meal.

It was really a good time. It was exhausting and seemed to fly by all at the same time.

I took this quick video on the drive home. As you can see, everyone was pretty tired.

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