Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Love this place

 We live in the best town!

The last week has been pretty hard on our little town. It's hard not to have seen at least some coverage on the news about the devastation the weather has caused. We even have some clients in England that saw news coverage on it.



 (Photo credit Jay Janner)
It's the best place to live because of how the people of this little place have come together to help each other.

I'm so proud of my own children because after we learned of all that had happened, I told them to get dressed in old clothes because we were going to help. They never complained once. Even while we were working hard and wet and muddy, they never complained of being tired or dirty, they just kept going. Volunteers have been out working everyday. Even through the rain that continued for days. 

All of this really messed up the last week of school and decisions were made on short notice. The seniors had to skip their class trip, but the rather than complain, the class decided to donate the money they had raised to the flood victims. How great is that?!

It's been both horrible and wonderful all at the same time and there will be so much to be done for months to come.

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