Sunday, January 18, 2015

While in Vegas....

Tried posting this earlier, but it never made it. So... here it is....

While we were in Las Vegas, Dax and I did take a little time away from the accounting excitement to do some other things too.

We spent some time at Red Rock Canyon. It's always so hard to believe that it's as close to Vegas as it is. It seems like worlds away.

This was the view from one of our rooms. (We had to change rooms a couple of times.) 


I also saw this!

That's a wonderful idea!! They should have these everywhere!!

One completely awesome thing that wee were lucky enough to be present for was a welcoming home to wounded warriors. It was so touching to be there. I just wanted to tell them all that I'm sorry that we asked that much of them.


And just before leaving, we also saw Santa. 


I hope he hit it big!

But we were exhausted when we got home. And there is too much to do to get much rest for awhile. I'm just so grateful to my parents for coming to stay with the kids so that we can even get away to do it.

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