Friday, September 12, 2014

Back to school

Wow, things get busy and time sure does get away from me!!

The kids are back in school now. But before they headed back, Dax wanted to do one last something-fun. Only Addison and Kirsten decided to go, but we went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas for the day.

Dax and Kirsten spent the day riding the rides.......

........while Addison and I spent most of the day in the water park trying to escape the heat.

We had a good time, and then they started school on Monday.

I can't believe they are Sophomores this year!!

There are lots of great things in store for them. Like the driver's ed that will be starting soon (even if Dax and I aren't ready for it!)

We wish them the best of luck in school this year. We're looking forward to a great year free from the drama that last year included.

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