Tuesday, June 4, 2013

End of the school year

So the kids are done with school for the summer. They actually got out last Friday.

Packed into the end of the year, in addition to finals, are various awards.

At the most recent school board meeting Kirsten and Abigail (along with other student volunteers) were presented with awards in recognition of the volunteer work they did with the reading program at the elementary school.

There was also an awards presentation on the last day of school where they received a variety of academic awards. It's always nice for their work to be recognized.

There was also a dance at the end of the year. The girls always get dressed over at their friends' houses so I don't get to see them and I'm usually lucky if I get a picture. This time around I got a little lucky and got a picture of Abigail and Kirsten.

I just want to know how they managed to look so grown up!!!

There are lots of things planned for the summer. Wyatt is still in physical therapy, there is soccer camp, tennis practices, and vacations still to come. Hopefully I can recover from the fact that they are now officially Freshmen in time to enjoy the summer. I'm still feeling a little faint.....

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