Friday, May 17, 2013

We have a new resident

What is wrong with us?!

I guess our hearts take control and our minds and ability to reason are lost.

Abigail has a new dog.......

She is a four year old rottweiler that Dax found at the shelter in Austin. This picture doesn't show it, but she's a beautiful dog.

We've had her for a few weeks now and she has gotten used to all of the other dogs. She wants so badly to play with the cats, but they're having none of it.

She has also gotten totally attached to Abigail.

I just wish she could learn to relax a little.......

She's been a good dog overall. She's not quite sure that she trusts Dax yet, but she's had a little bit of a rough time with men and being at the shelter, but she's coming around. She gets more comfortable everyday about the fact that she's in a place where she gets to stay.

I guess we really are just crazy. And now two of them are trying to talk me into getting a kitten!! I think the crazy has spread to the kids too!!

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