Monday, October 8, 2012

Spiders, feet, and dogs, oh my!

Friday night was the homecoming dance. Kirsten and Abigail went to a friends and spent the night at her house. Since they got dressed for the dance over there I didn't get any pictures. The game is not until this Thursday so I'm trying to get mums made by then. Everyday this week there is a theme at school. Tomorrow's theme is 'twins' but my kids are automatically disqualified. Hmph!!

Saturday while they were still at the friend's house, Kirsten got bitten by what I assume was a spider. The redness had gone away by Saturday evening, but now it looks like this:

It still looks like that now. It's all red and swollen. Everything I've read says that there isn't really anything to do at this point. So I guess we wait and see. In the meantime I'm pumping her full of benadryl.

The dog is in her cast for another week.

Otherwise, not much going on here. Just our usual kind of crazy.

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