Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Getting back into the swing....

Well, I guess we're back into the swing of things around here. Seems like they've already been in school forever. ha!

We spend time every week watching the Addison and Abigail cheer.

They put a lot of work into it and Thursdays make for very long days. Have to be at the school by 7am to get ready for the pep rally and then two games that evening to cheer at. There first time to cheer this season, there were FOUR games that night. Fortunately it started to storm so the games got called. And I say fortunately because it was on many fronts. We desperately need the rain around here, nobody wanted to stay through four games and the girls certainly didn't want to cheer that long (Addison was already losing her voice after just the game and a quarter that they did cheer), and lastly, our team was getting their butts kicked. Calling the games stopped the pain.

I still can't get over how much they've grown up. Wyatt has started shaving already. Granted, he only has to do it about once a month right now, but still, I'm just not ready. He asked a girl to the homecoming dance. That took a lot of guts and we're proud of him for doing it. She said no, but it's completely understandable. Her parents are getting a divorce and she's having a really hard time coping with it. There are too often parents that are so wrapped up in what's going on with them and they forget how divorce affects the kids. Their whole world gets turned upside down and the kids have no part in it except to figure out how to cope.

Progress reports came out last week and everyone is doing a good job. So far this school year has started off with much less stress than the last one. We're hoping to continue down that path.

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