Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recovery Week.......but not really

This week we're trying to recover from the chaos that was last week.

Only, it's still chaotic!!

Last week Wyatt went for his follow up appointment and to have the stitches removed. The doctor said that things are looking good. He gave Wyatt some new exercises to add to the ones he was already doing. He goes back in two weeks for a check up. If, after six weeks, his muscles are showing enough improvement then there won't have to be any physical therapy.

We've got our fingers crossed.

Dax spent the better part of the week in bed with the flu.....despite getting a flu shot months ago.

It was terrible! The first day he got sick he could barely be out of bed without passing out. I was afraid to leave him alone for even a little bit of time. And since we're full-on into tax season right now, it was a terrible time for him to have to be out of the office.

Thankfully, he's feeling much better now.

This week, in addition to the usual activities, we've had to add in cheer practice every day because try-outs are on Friday. All three girls are trying out this year.

Wyatt has had band practice because he made the band that go to UIL competition tomorrow.

Kirsten and Addison signed up for tennis last week. Addison already quit. Before the first practice even. Tennis practice is almost every day after school.

Now that they have things going on after school that means that we're going to have to rearrange our mornings so that they can get to school even earlier so that they can go to morning tutorials.

That hasn't happened yet because my alarm clock died and I haven't gotten up early enough. But, never fear, I got a new one today.

If we actually survive this week, next week is spring break and the kids will be heading to spend the week with their grandparents.


Chris said...

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Anne Kimball said...

Hi Taryn, my name is Anne and I just found your blog on TMB. It looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to explore. I hear ya' with the chaos. I don't have quads, or any other kind of true multiples, but through birth kids and adoption we ended up with virtual triplets (3 girls 7 mths apart from oldest to youngest) and virtual twins (2 boys a month apart), plus one more.
Love for you to pop by my blog Life on the Funny Farm sometime to say hi! I'm at http://annesfunnyfarm.blogspot.com.