Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And the winner is.....

Many of the UIL competitions were held a couple of weekends ago.  Kirsten's art teacher had really liked one of Kirsten's projects and entered it into one of the many divisions in the art category.

The good news is that she won 2nd place!!!  Woohoo!

Here she is with her medal...
We are so proud of her!

The not so good news.....

The schoold did an awards ceremony that was BEFORE school started in the morning. We got there about 5-10 minutes late and they had ALREADY called her name! I felt sooooooo bad that she missed having her name called. At least she gets some glory by having me post about the good job she did.

In other news, someone found our dog and she is back home with us. She was gone for about four days. The man that found her lives even more secluded than we do and he thought someone had just dumped her until he saw our sign. At least she was being taken good care of while she was gone.

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