Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On the ice

Wyatt has been obsessed with hockey since we went to our first game last year.

It's that time again and he's even more obsessed.

He sleeps with his t.v. on all night with the hockey channel playing.

Last Saturday was Texas Hockey Day (bet you didn't know that!) so I signed him up for a chance to see if he really liked it. The kids got to put on some actual hockey gear and spend some time out on the ice.

He's already told me that if I was hoping he wouldn't like it, that I should give up.

He loved it!!

Abigail wanted to skate, so even I got out on the ice with her.

I felt very lucky that I didn't fall down at all.....and yes, I did let go of the ledge.

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Novabella said...

As a Canadian I find it really interesting to read about people skating in Texas! Go Wyatt! Go Abigail!